Women commonly complain of issues with digestion during pregnancy. Here are some digestive problems during pregnancy.

Pregnancy is an extremely beautiful phase and brings by using it lot of happiness and enjoyment. However, with happiness, there are numerous problems associated with pregnancy. There is something about digestive difficulties which makes them hard to discuss in polite company-which leaves a lot of us suffering one problem or any other in silence.

Women commonly complain of issues with digestion during pregnancy. These problems in many cases are associated with the growth of the uterus. Urination and digestion will also be affected during pregnancy. It’s a no-brainer the stages of pregnancy present numerous challenges, especially in the area of physical health. Here are some digestive problems during pregnancy:


Pregnancy and heartburn go hand-in-hand for 2 reasons. First is the presence of the hormone relaxing, which slows your digestion. The more food stays in the stomach, the greater acid gets produced. Second is that your growing belly is exerting pressure around the stomach and lower esophageal sphincter, priming you for acid reflux disease.


Only a quarter of individuals with gallstones typically require treatment. Gallstones could possibly get blamed for symptoms caused by other, more elusive culprits, for example irritable bowel syndrome. If you’re told you must have gallstones out but they’re not bothering you, get a second opinion.

Gas and Bloating

Space inside your belly becomes stretched using the growth of your baby. This makes your bowels packed resulting in irregular digestion. When your digestion becomes irregular and erratic excess gas is produced in your stomach. Gas may also be increased by swallowing air. While pregnant the levels of hormone called progesterone becomes high.


Pregnancy hormones and pressure around the intestinal tract are partly responsible, but it might also be that an eating for two mentality has loosened your resolve to consume nutritiously and in proper portions.


Flatulence is a concern associated with passing of gas. This can be a digestive problem during pregnancy, which occurs because of accumulation of gas in large intenstine. this problems doesn’t cause much discomfort or pain, but is quit embarrassing.

Digestive Complaints

Digestive Complaints


There are lots of women who face the problem of Indigestion during early pregnancy. The issue occurs due to consumption of unhealthy foods. Also an improper diet regime may lead to the problem of indigestion. A pregnant women needs to be very careful about her diet.


Using the increasing pressure in your abdomen, veins within the lower rectum and anus sometimes swell and become inflamed, bringing on symptoms like itching, pain and blood within the stool. Chances are, hemorrhoid discomfort goes away after childbirth. But when it regularly bothers you or causes excessive bleeding, the region needs to be examined by a doctor.